12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics berlin 2009

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German Athletics Team gets visual training in Kienbaum

Author: AdministratorCurrent events Wednesday, August 1st, 2007
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Standing between the German head coach Jürgen Mallow and Dr. Hans-Georg Moldenhauer, the chairman of the Trägerverein (the supporting organisation for the Sports Centre), Dr. Peter Danckert, the chairman of the Sports Commission of the German Bundestag, fires off a symbolic starting shot to dedicate the new blue track for the national training facility at the Sports Centre Kienbaum. A few of the first ones to utilise the new synthetic track included some of the DLV’s sprint hopefuls, such as Alexander Kosenkow (row 1, 3rd from the left), and the 400m-runners, Ingo Schulz, Kamghe Gaba, and Ulrike Urbansky (4th to 6th from the left), who were at Kienbaum in preparation for the World Championships in Osaka, Japan.
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Athletes from the German Athletics Association (Deutscher Leichtathletik-Verband (DLV)) will find themselves visually as well as physically well prepared for berlin 2009™, the 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics. Sprinters from the DLV tried out the new track, whose colour and surface is identical to the fast lane in the Berlins arena, two years and two weeks before the first starter gun rings out over Berlin’s Olympic stadium. German competitors will have the exclusive privilege of putting the finishing touches to their training for berlin 2009™ in Kienbaum, where they can also accustom themselves to the unusual colour combination of a blue track and green turf.

A number of sporting guests will also have the opportunity to train for the highlight of the athletics year in the host country itself. At a press conference in Kienbaum, Heinrich Clausen, General Secretary of the Berlin Organising Committee, BOC 2009, announced, “We plan to invite national associations from economically less advantaged countries. 19 sports schools and training centres from across Germany have offered to host teams. This is a clear signal that berlin 2009™ is an event for the whole country, not just the capital.” Prospective participants will receive a brochure with more information about this invitation at the World Championships in Osaka which start at the end of August.

However, the doors of the Kienbaum National Training Centre are only open to members of the German team. Over the last 15 year the state has invested around 40 million euros in this popular training centre east of Berlin. Dr. Peter Danckert, chairman of the German Bundestag’s Sports Commission, announced that renovation and extension work would continue. Jürgen Mallow, head coach of the DLV, commented, “What I would like to see next in terms of facilities is a cold chamber.“

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