12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics berlin 2009

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Pressconference on 2nd Febuary 2007

Author: BOCCurrent events Friday, February 2nd, 2007
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IAAF very satisfied with the Organisation of berlin 2009

Pressconference on 2nd Febuary 2007

After their almost 48-hour inspection of the German capital, José-Maria Odriozola, the Spanish IAAF Council Member and one of the two Organisational Delegates for the 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics berlin 2009™, and IAAF General Secretary Pierre Weiss (France) headed home calm and satisfied. “We are relieved, but not relaxed,” Odriozola summarised his impressions of the status of the preparations by the BOC 2009 GmbH, which is responsible for the organisation of the event, during the closing press conference. “All facilities such as the hotels and training grounds are ready and in good condition. There are only a few small things that have to be improved—for example, new synthetic tracks in the training stadiums.”

There was a decisive vote by the delegation regarding the road races. Odriozola and Weiss support the suggestion by the BOC to take the marathon and walking events out of the stadium and move them to the city streets of Berlin. Although Pierre Weiss noted that it would mean additional logistical challenges, he added: “That is an excellent idea. This way be can bring athletics to the people. The 10 km loop with the start and finish at the Brandenburg Gate, with many other Berlin sights along the course, will provide for a fantastic setting for both the athletes and spectators.”

“We like coming to Germany, and we feel at home here,” commented Pierre Weiss, the experienced full-time General Secretary of the International Association of Athletics Federations. “I only have one worry, and that is to fill the fantastic, but very large stadium every day of the event.” The BOC general secretary Heinrich Clausen is keen to do just that, and is working hard to sell 500,000 tickets for the championship events from August 15-23, 2009. He will be receiving support to do so from the German Athletics Association (DLV). DLV general secretary Frank Hensel has promised the support of the state associations for the promotion of the largest international sporting event of the year

At this second inspection by the IAAF, following a visit by the Technical Delegates last December, the focus was on the hotels for the athletes, officials, sponsors, media, and VIPs, the premises for the IAAF Congress that will precede the championships, the various sports facilities, as well as diverse thematic discussions. The BOC presented its plans for the programme for the Congress and answered questions concerning transportation for the athletes, officials, and journalists and the space allocation within the Olympic Stadium and the surrounding warm-up areas.

The IAAF was convinced by all the information received and certain that the world championship preparations are in good hands with the BOC. “We did not come here to control the organisers, but rather to work together with them,” said José-Maria Odriozola in closing at the Hotel InterContinental, where the organisational staff of the IAAF will be residing in 2009.

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