12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics berlin 2009

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Types of duties


Through their diverse and intensive contact with the guests, every volunteer serves as an important representative of the event. The organisational committee is dependent upon the help of the volunteers. Through their helpfulness and friendliness, the volunteers will leave an important and lasting impression on the guests of both Germany and Berlin, in particular.

The volunteers will be active in diverse areas, and the volunteers will be faced with different demands for various tasks. Everyone will be well taught for their duties during the training sessions, so that through their quick and appropriate decision-making skills, they can contribute to the success of the World Championships.

  • Accreditation

    Not only the spectators, but also the other groups involved in the event require access to the stadium. These groups include the athletes, coaches, judges, journalists, and photographers, as well as numerous other event workers and personnel. Each person must receive the appropriate access authorisation. The accreditation volunteers will greet them, check their credentials, and create the appropriate access authorisation for them to access the areas of the stadium that are of importance to them working closely with IAAF and the AFTER accreditation company.

  • Allrounder

    The volunteer department assigns the duties and working hours for the volunteers well before the IAAF World Championships in Athletics berlin 2009™ gets going . As for any event, however, not all of the organisational aspects of the berlin 2009™ can be predicted exactly. Should extra duties suddenly arise, if more volunteers are needed in some areas, or should other volunteers not appear for their shifts, all of the departments can turn to the volunteers in the all-rounder pool. The range of duties for the all-rounders is thus generally very diverse, but cannot be clearly defined prior to the event.

  • Hotels

    The approx. 3,000 athletes and officials will be put up in various hotels in Berlin before and during the World Championships. The volunteers who will be working in the hotels will serve as their contact persons for all kinds of questions and requests. In addition, they are to help assure that the guests have a very hospitable experience and can thus optimally prepare for the competition.

  • IT/Telecommunications

    Journalists from around the world will be reporting daily from the competitions in Berlin. They will have a modern IT and telecommunications network at their services, which can be optimally utilised with the assistance of volunteers from the IT and communications team. The volunteers will be on hand to operate the technology and infrastructure that will be available. Their tasks will include providing IT service and support.

  • Logistics

    At a major sporting event such as the 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics berlin 2009™, great amounts of materials of all kinds are required and utilised. The volunteers will coordinate the warehousing, transport, and delivery of all of these materials. The volunteers are responsible for the timely delivery and distribution of the materials. They are also involved in setting up and dismantling temporary structures. The volunteers in this area support all of these processes and tackle the work.

  • Marketing

    The 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics berlin 2009™ is supported by various sponsors. In return, these sponsors receive extensive advertising and presentation areas at the event. The volunteers work together with the full-time BOC staff to aid the sponsors in having optimal opportunities for their presentations.
    The LOC will set up a Market Street around the stadium where the sponsors can present their companies and services. One of the tasks for the volunteers is controlling this advertising zone and supporting the other sponsor activities throughout the stadium area.

  • PR/Media

    More than 3,500 journalists from around the world are expected at the 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics berlin 2009™. The core areas of activity for these volunteers will be the Main Media Centre near the stadium and the press gallery in the stadium itself. The volunteers are the journalists’ contact point and will help answer all kinds of questions. With their assistance, journalists will be able to take advantage of the excellent working conditions. In addition, the volunteers will distribute information and assist the journalists in solving whatever problems arise. These volunteers will begin their tasks before the onset of the World Championships.

  • Protocol

    The protocol department is responsible for the support of high-ranking international guests from the areas of sports and politics during the competitions in the stadium. In addition, these volunteers will support additional official events within the framework of the World Championships that will be taking place outside of the stadium. The volunteers will assist the full-time staff with the organisation and implementation of the guest services and support.

  • Ticketing

    The ticketing department will coordinate the ticket sales for the 9 event days of the 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics berlin 2009™. The majority of the tickets will be sold before the World Championships; it will also be possible to purchase the tickets at the box office during the Championships. The volunteers will work at the ticket pick-up counters, answer questions and solve any problems that arise.

  • Transportation services

    The volunteers in the area of transportation services have the responsible position of providing smooth transportation for the athletes, coaches, and officials between the hotels, training facilities, and stadium. In addition to the actual task of driving the vehicles, the volunteers also have the job of coordinating the services. The volunteers will work in the transportation offices, transportation headquarters, hotels, as well as at the airports and train stations.

  • Visitor service

    The volunteers in the area of visitor service are a very important component for the entire volunteer programme. Through their constant presence in and around the stadium, they are the primary contact persons for all of the visitors. About 500,000 spectators will come to the Berlin Olympic Stadium to watch the events. The volunteers in this area will be in close contact with the spectators, they will support the security service, and they will be there to answer all kinds of questions for the visitors.

  • Volunteer management

    The volunteer management will organise and coordinate the tasks and duties for all of the volunteers and will provide a central meeting point for them in the volunteer centre. The volunteers will support the full-time staff with the personnel planning for all of the volunteer areas. In addition, they will help prepare the training sessions and help create the supporting programme for the volunteers, as well as provide support for the distribution of food and drinks as well as event clothing to the volunteers.

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